Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos vs Lenovo S890

Galaxy Grand Duos is a dual SIM phablet from Samsung that will be aimed at developing countries. As phablet 5 inch for the middle class, the Samsung Galaxy Grand has had rivals ready for him in Indonesia, namely the Lenovo S890.

Both have a 5 inch display and dual SIM capabilities as the main attraction. Currently, Lenovo S890 has been launched in Indonesia with 2.799 million, while the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos GT-i8092 has not been officially announced in Indonesia. In other countries such as India, Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos priced at around 3.7 million. In fact, some online retailers who import smartphone in Indonesia is to fix the price of no less than 5 million.

With an indication of the price is quite expensive, we see the advantages and disadvantages compared to the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Lenovo S890, and vice versa.

Why choose Lenovo?

Lenovo S890 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: Advantages & Disadvantages

In industry-mobile, Lenovo brand is not very globally as Samsung. But in some countries in China and Indonesia, Lenovo has a pretty good track record of the products previously issued. Lenovo has marketed and accounted for a sizeable market share in Indonesia thanks to smartphone series of mid-to-entry level is Lenovo A60, Lenovo P700, S880 Lenovo, Lenovo and the Lenovo S560. Even in early 2013, Lenovo has expanded the market with a series of S720, A800, A690, P770 and S890's. One other important thing is the price is very competitive. Why choose a more expensive if it could get a cheap but still good quality?

Lenovo S890 than Excess Grand Duos Samsung Galaxy GT-I8092

In the specification, one obvious difference of the two is the screen resolution. Where the benefits of Lenovo S890, the screen has a resolution which is 35% higher than the Galaxy Grand Duos. With a resolution of 540 x 960, Lenovo S890 produces pixel density of 220 ppi, 18% more than the Samsung Galaxy tingggi Grand duos which has a resolution of 480 x 800 and a pixel density of 187 ppi.

Still related to the display, the Lenovo S890 IPS panel will memberik several advantages for Lenovo S890, compared to the Galaxy Grand Duos still use TFT LCD screen.

Although both look less premium, Lenovo S890 design also looks more attractive than the Grand Duos Galaxy design which tend to be so-so only. Its dimensions are slightly smaller and thinner also more comfortable grip.

Price is the most crucial, and Lenovo S890 heroics proved in setting prices. Price 2.7 million is priced Lenovo S890 is quite low, because that's where the main attraction is phablet 5 inch.

Why choose Samsung

Lenovo S890 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos Kekurangan1 plus Lenovo S890 Vs Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos: Advantages & Disadvantages

Samsung's proven know how to make a good smartphone and phablet. Saw her Galaxy S III and Note II which sold tens of millions of units within a few months of sales. It is not without reason that the market does not lie. His best-selling Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II makes Samsung became a most trusted brand. Even now, 1 of 3 android is Samsung Galaxy sold.

Excess Grand Duos Samsung Galaxy GT-I8092 compared to Lenovo S890

Samsung Galaxy Grand offers quality photography, which proved to be more superior than the Lenovo S890. Although both have a resolution of 8 megapixel main camera, the Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos camera has the ability to record Full HD 1080p video, while the Lenovo S890 was limited to 720p HD only. So is the front camera, Galaxy Grand Duos is superior with 2 megapixel front camera, much larger than a VGA camera on the Lenovo S890.

Another advantage is 2x larger internal memory (8GB vs. 4 GB), external memory support is also 2-fold (64 GB vs. 32 GB) and lighter weight (162 vs 176 grams).

Weighing Lenovo S890 also due to the larger battery capacity is 2250 mAh, compared to the Galaxy Grand Duos are only 2100 mAh.

As a first impression, they did not seem to have so many big differences. But the one thing that determines the pricing of the Galaxy Grand Duos. Samsung is better to be careful in setting the price of Samsung Galaxy Grand Duos in Indonesia, because the Samsung Galaxy Grand Galaxy Note not having Stylus and screen HD.